"Alexa, quiero cuidarme"

Now Alexa is your health advisor.
Ask her for advices to improve your habits, information about food, exercise, rest and much more.

"Alexa, quiero cuidarme"

Now Alexa is your health advisor.
Ask her for advices to improve your habits, information about food, exercise, rest and much more.

How do I open the skill of myHEALTH WATCHER?


1. Say “Alexa, open myHEALTH WATCHER” or “Alexa, I want to take care of myself”. You can also say "Alexa, give me a healthy snack" or "Alexa I want to rate a food"

2. Set up your health profile to receive personalized information.

3. Receive tips for a healthy life: meal ideas, exercises, healthy habits, relaxation and rest guidelines ...

What can you do with our skill?


Healthy Tips-1

Healthy tips

Find out what to do to improve your habits

Value food

Value food

Personalized food information

Healthy recipes

Healthy recipes

Alexa helps you to prepare easy and healthy meals

Practice exercise

Practice exercise

Workouts to do anywhere and improve your health


Emotional well-being

Relaxation exercises to improve your day and rest

Talk to Alexa

Say these phrases to use the skill

To practice some relaxation exercise.

"Alexa, I need a break"

To know if a food is good according to your health profile

"Alexa, valora un alimento".

If you want to eat something healthy

"Alexa, quiero un bocadito saludable"

If you prefer to practice a little exercise.

"Alexa, me pongo en marcha"

If you want to discover guidelines that will help you take care of yourself.

"Alexa, dame un consejos saludable"

And if you have an Alexa with a screen you can also



Say "Alexa, necesito un respiro" and discover exercises to feel good

Sport Routines

Say "Alexa, me pongo en marcha" and you can discover routines to get in shape

Healthy recipes

Say "Alexa, I want a healthy snack" and learn easy and healthy recipes

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the myHEALTH WATCHER skill?

You don't need to install anything, from the Amazon Alexa app or from Amazon's Echo devices. To activate the skill you just have to say: "Alexa abre myHEALTH WATCHER"

Can I watch myHEALTH WATCHER videos on Alexa?

Yes. If your Alexa device is the Echo Spot model, you will be able to see the videos we have prepared for you, with healthy recipes and recommendations to improve your health

Where can I buy an Alexa device?

You can buy the different Alexa devices from the Amazon website.

Does the myHEALTH WATCHER skill have a cost?

No, the myHEALTH WATCHER skill is completely free.

How do I ask Alexa for healthy meal ideas?

Just say “Alexa dame un bocadito saludable” and you can discover ideas for preparing balanced meals and snacks.

How can I exercise with Alexa?

Start this functionality by saying "Alexa, me pongo en marcha" and you will discover varied exercise routines to improve your form and health.

What do I tell Alexa to give health advice?

Say "Alexa, dame un consejo saludable" and learn to take care of yourself through simple guidelines that you can incorporate into your day to day.

How can Alexa help me relax?

Say “necesito un respiro” and Alexa will help you perform relaxation and breathing exercises.

Help us improve the skill!

Collaborate to improve the skill

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Your feedback is very important to us. Tell us what you would like to find in the skill to help you lead a healthier life.

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