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(Dr. Helmut Schröder, first from the right)

myHEALTH WATCHER (, the platform specialized in promoting health through diet and lifestyle, joins his team as Scientific Director, Dr. Helmut Schröder, researcher and specialist in nutritional epidemiology and physical activity.
Schröder is currently Head of the Area of ​​Nutritional Epidemiology and Childhood Obesity in the Cardiovascular Risk and Nutrition group at the Hospital del Mar Institute for Medical Research in Barcelona and Coordinator of CIBER's group 30 of Epidemiology and Public Health. His lines of research focus on the relationship between lifestyle and disease and the impact of nutrition and physical activity on obesity and other cardiovascular risk factors, both in adults and children.

With the addition of Schröder, myHEALTH WATCHER reaffirms itself as a personalized feeding platform that promotes healthy lifestyle habits. Its mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, is the only one that offers information on products and nutritional advice adapted to the health profile of each user. In this profile include relevant information such as celiac disease, food allergies and intolerances, diabetes, etc. A platform with an important scientific base that works to offer accurate, truthful and reliable information.

The myHEALTH WATCHER Team is committed to providing quality information -always based on scientific evidence-, in the prevention of diseases of cardiovascular origin and in the fight against childhood obesity, a project in which it has the support, among others, of the technology multinational CISCO, from its Co-Innovation center in Barcelona.

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