Our aim

At myHEALTH WATCHER we do not evaluate the quality of the product, but the relationship of the product with you.

Our main objective is to improve the health and, therefore, the quality of life of people, through food: we have proposed to ensure that everyone learns to eat better with personalized and educational information.

  • We are not a substitute for healthcare professionals.
  • Our purpose is for you to discover which products are the best for you and your family, improving your health and quality of life.

Our responsibility

We are 100% independent.

Under no circumstances will myHEALTH WATCHER make changes to its recommendation algorithms at the suggestion of manufacturers or brands. Both the variables and their values ​​are defined only by our Scientific Team and endorsed by rigorous studies.


If you have a serious health problem related to food, be sure to always check the information on the label printed on the package. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer. If you are still not sure, avoid the product.

At present the treatment of an allergy is based on the elimination of said food from the diet. With which you should be more careful with the prepared dishes. The key to success is to look at the ingredient list of all the products that you do not prepare yourself, as well as to notify family members, schools, canteens, restaurants and other places where you can go to eat. Also, depending on the type of reaction you have, you have to pay special attention to the cutlery, kitchen utensils, plates or pans that are used for cooking; since they could have been in contact with the allergy-causing food.