the best ally for health in companies

A healthier team is a happier team. Join the good habits and improve your emotional well-being.

The revolution healthy

Healthy Teams cares for and accompanies the people in your company with the aim of strengthening their physical and mental health.


People experiencing stress at work

People who resign after suffering burnout

Increase in the cost of sick leave in the last 3 years

Workers who feel unmotivated

commitment, strength and accompaniment

El Department of People Together with Healthy Teams, we have built a benefits program for the healthy company model.

we stand out

At Healthy Teams we actively and continuously prioritize the health and well-being of people, accompanying them in a personalized way from our app Wizzyu.


We enhance your emotional strength 


We create a link with people and technology


We work on motivation to achieve personalized goals and challenges


We contribute to generating routines of healthy and lasting habits over time

Center are the people

Your employees choose the wellness program that best suits their needs.

Integral wellness

Improve your habits through the 4 pillars of health: food, exercise, rest and emotional well-being.

Emotional well-being

Improve your mental health by generating positive changes that will influence the different areas of your life.


for the person

Higher quality of life

Increased energy and self-esteem

Increases motivation

Improves stress management

For the company

Decrease in work absenteeism

Improve the work environment

Increased productivity

Help retain talent

We transform healthy habits into donations

The health progress of your collaborators also benefits other people, transforming their goals into a social cause. Get Healthy Coins that we convert in minutes for cancer research.

there's still more

We generate impact and we want to demonstrate it, putting technology and personalization at the service of health.

Check the evolution of your team

A dynamic panel where you can view the results of the service and how they impact your team.

A company-worker communication channel

Manage and schedule posts and notifications to stay connected with your team.

Customize the app with your brand

A personalized and exclusive space with your corporate image visible to your collaborators when using the service.

Digital tools applied to health

Through activities and materials designed to promote the well-being of employees.

People at the service of people

A team of professionals connected to achieve a close and real contact.

Personalized service

We accompany your collaborators in a personalized and individual way towards a healthy lifestyle.

trust In us

A Health Coach in the palm of your hand

Healthy Teams works through our app Wizzyu, in this way, our Health Coach take care of your collaborators wherever they are. 

The Health Coaches are a team made up of comprehensive and psychological health professionals, who guarantee a quality and totally personalized service.

Healthy teams

Want to know more?

Discover and live the experience with Healthy Teams.

Want to know more?

Discover and live the experience with Healthy Teams.