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Your personal data is your property and only you can access it. They are used to configure your PHP (from the acronym in English Personal Health Profile -Professional Personal Health-) and are essential for the operation of our algorithm.
The more complete your profile, the better the result.
In myHW we do not trade with your data. Only anonymous statistical data will be used, and as long as you have authorized it in the registration process.

We access the physical activity data collected by the terminal or by the wearables you have connected, such as smart watches or activity wristbands.

The app can work without these data, but we recommend that you do it because it is a very simple way to know your cardiovascular risk. Knowing about it can help you prevent serious problems such as strokes and strokes. In addition, your level of risk will influence the results which the algorithm will show when you consult a product.

Of course. If you do not have any allergies or food intolerances and do not follow any specific diet, our algorithm will continue to interpret the label for you, evaluating the data available.

Yes. As many profiles as you wish. Our algorithm works at the same time to help the whole family to choose what is best for you.

Our information comes from different sources so it is impossible for us to certify it 100%. We hope that in the near future the answer will be yes, and we are working in this direction. This is our main concern, and therefore we currently have a department dedicated, solely, to the review of product information.
In addition, on the green, yellow and red screen of the app you will find a danger icon. If you click on it, you will know on what date the product has been reviewed.
This is not a medical application and is not intended to replace health professionals. If you have any doubt, and especially if you suffer a serious health problem, or any allergy or food intolerance, it is important to check the information printed on the products, because the manufacturer may have made changes in the formulation or in the production process of the product.
And, of course, we recommend that you always put yourself in the hands of the doctor.

Our mission is to help you discover the best for you, but finally the decision of consumption is yours. Our advice is moderation. A product will yield a green result because a consumption ration is not detrimental to your personal health profile, but its excess is probably not recommended. The amber color, which in our case means "consume it with moderation" appears when there are data in your personal profile that directly pose a risk to your health related to excessive consumption of saturated fats, sugar or salt.

It may be that the manufacturer has made some change to the product, after our last revision date and that you have not notified us.
In this case we would be grateful if you could send us this incident through the option tell us about the app.

Yes, if you previously downloaded the offline option (offline) by clicking on the network icon on the scanner screen. You will get the same results but without the images. For this you will need a WiFi connection and 120 MB of memory available in your terminal.

Of course, you can update your profile data whenever you want. Remember that the diagnosis takes into account all the variables of the profiles you have created. If you make any changes, simply slide the user profile screen down and then release it so that the changes are registered and updated on our server.

If the product is in our database, but is pending review, your scan will have activated an internal process, which will be executed so that it is available to you as soon as possible. You will receive a notification when it is active.
If we still do not have the product, you can send it to us without leaving the app simply by sending us some photos of the label in which you can read the brand, the ingredients and the nutritional information. We will review it
right away and we will let you know when you can consult it.

Our scientific team has defined consumption rations based on the type of product. Our quantities do not have to match those suggested by the manufacturers.
You will find this information by clicking on the danger icon that appears on the red, yellow and green screens.

No. The ipad is too big to use as a scanner. The app is available for smartphones with IOS systems (versions 9.0 and later) and Android (versions 4.1 and later) in the corresponding stores.