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new app call myHealth Watcher reads and interprets the labels of food products and based on their ingredients and nutritional information makes personalized recommendations to consumers. "We do not evaluate the product, but we see how appropriate this product is for a specific profile," says Joan Gil, CEO of myHealth Watcher, which has a headquarters in the technology park of the TecnoCampus.

At the time of purchase or at home, just by focusing with the mobile camera the barcode of the packaged product, the algorithm makes an assessment of its convenience based on the personal health profile that the user has entered in the application, their physical activity and the product data (ingredients and nutritional information).

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“MyHealth Watcher wants to get to offer the maximum degree of customization of food, educating and making the user aware of the importance of eating well to prevent health problems. We also want to collaborate with manufacturers to develop better products ”, explains Gil. In addition, the application aims to help health professionals, offering them a tool to make it easier for their patients to know what they eat and if it suits them.

"We currently have around 15.000 products. But we are updating the database and every day we introduce about 100 or 150 products. If someone finds a product that is not there, they can send it to us and we will add it in a matter of minutes ”, Gil sentences.

El feedback with users is key. “We have a communication channel behind it, so that users can send us suggestions and questions. A nutritionist answers them ”, he explains.

A team of engineers, designers, nutritionists and doctors has worked on the project. "We are working so that our algorithm becomes a benchmark of knowledge of personalized food and can work both for research and health and for the industry, and always and at all times, in favor of the person", concludes Gil.

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