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myHEALTH WATCHER is the health promotion platform.

Improve your lifestyle and habits with personalized information about eating, rest, physical activity and emotional well-being.

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When buying food, your health comes first!


Do you want to know what you eat or what you can eat? as easy as scanning the barcode and you'll be able to discover the best and most suitable packaged foods for you and your family. From now on, buying and comparing products with less fat, less sugar and less salt will be faster and easier, you can also discard ingredients and additives that you don't want.

  • Learn
    For everyone who wants to take care of themselves
  • Beware
    For those with a high cardiovascular risk
  • Avoid allergens
    Avoid allergens
    For those allergic to some foods
  • Protect yourself
    Protect yourself
    And also for those who suffer intolerances
  • Moderate
    For those who are overweight or obese
  • Choose
    Vegans, vegetarians, those who choose organic and even those who follow a Halal diet.

Main functionalities


Everything you need to choose the products that suit you best, in one application.

  • A Personal Health Profile for each User
    A Personal Health Profile for each User
    Not all members of your family have the same needs: complete a personal health profile for each of them and keep track of the packaged foods in your home, improving the quality of life and well-being with the healthiest food.
  • Cardiovascular health
    Cardiovascular health
    myHW takes into account your risk of cardiovascular disease and alerts you to which products are best for you.
  • Celiac disease, allergies and intolerances
    Celiac disease, allergies and intolerances
    Our health traffic light helps you choose what you are going to buy more safely and quickly by avoiding what hurts you.

Simple operation and intuitive


A clear design to be used by everyone, without the need to have knowledge of health or nutrition.

Moderate physical activity for a healthy lifestyle

A moderate and regular physical exercise is the best complement to a balanced diet.
If your activity is higher, the results will be better when you consult a product.

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When buying food, Your health comes first

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Reviewed Products

  • We are developing our own database. Our team reviews the information on the label of each product one by one, to make it as reliable as possible. We incorporate about 150 products daily.
  • You can also help by sending us, without leaving the app, some photographs of the label of the products that you cannot find
  • Are you a food company and want to send us your products? Contact us at

What our users say


Android user

I am diabetic and it seems to me a great contribution to take it as a suggestion not as a food bible, great application.

Iphone User

Fantastic. I follow a vegetarian diet and it helps me a lot when choosing my products.

Android user

It allows me to control the diet of the whole family in a super simple way. Using a color code like a traffic light, it tells me which foods are suitable for both me and my child who has gluten and lactose intolerance. And keep improving the App.

Android user

I think it's a very good app, you talk to them alittle bit of you to fill in the profile, you scan theproduct and tells you if it is recommended or not. Besides if they don't have a product, you send them photos of it and in less than 24 hoursthey analyze and send you an email to notify you ofthey have already analyzed it! But I don't give it 5 stars because lidl and consumer products that is where I usually buy are not nearly there, I would like you to improve that but otherwise thank you very much for this app!

Iphone User

Easy drive. Very practical, you don't have to think about what is best for you, the application does it for you. It makes your life easier and healthier. Congratulations and thanks for your ideas.

Iphone User

Essential if you want to be informed about what you eat.